Paper Reliefs 2000-2010

“Feeling the need… to break out from the painterly constraints of two dimensions, she has burst gleefully (there is no other word for it) into three” (John Russell Taylor, 2006)

Except where noted, the paper works are in box frames of matt white wood and clear glass, 60 cm square. Depth varies from 3cm to 13 cm, as specified by the artist (to enable her intended light effect).

Still Life

The cut-out series dates from 2004 and is a further expansion of her works of oil on canvas featuring a small number of pots. Each has 9 profiles of pots, in relief or revealed by light falling through cut out shapes, set in a 3 x 3 grid, some with added colour. The technique displays the shape of each pot in its own space and in relation to the others made three dimensional purely by the effect of light on the cut out shapes.


Platonic Shapes

The platonic shape reliefs use paper and card to show how basic geometric forms build into complex structures.

Square Circle Triangle

Each is a 3 x 3 grid, with variations of patterns of square, circle and triangle. No two lines are the same in any one work, and there is a pattern of increasing complexity.

Squares and lines

By contrast Squares and Lines revert to the basics of light, line and colour.

Cut circles, Spirals, Flowers

The cut circles demonstrate that a simple cut creates increasing complexity. Spirals and Flowers illustrate infinite possibilities of complexity from simple forms.