“Haunted me from the moment I first saw some prints in a portfolio.”
(Edward Lucie-Smith, Craft Magazine 1974)

“The forms seem whispered onto the paper, characterised by an understated beauty extracted from simple and traditional forms.”
(Marina Vaizey, Financial Times 1973)

The prints shown here were in Jenny’s studio in November 2016. All those with dates were executed between 1972 and 1974. Some undated cloud and pot prints are known to be earlier.  Sizes are plate size, not paper.

Still Life

This is the largest theme, measured by the number of prints surviving. Jenny had a very large collection of pots, a relatively small number appear in both the prints and the oil still lifes: objects in first prints of 1969 are still appearing in last oils.

Her prints experimented with variations in line as well as colour. Some are ghostly images which are hard to see, others precisely defined, perhaps suggesting the ambiguity of existence.


Clouds were an early subject for Jenny’s drawings and oil paintings as well as prints. Most date from 1968-78 and have been sold or given away. Their subject, reflecting her fascination with the basic elements of matter, was the spaces between clouds and the forms they made: the clouds are realistic but not real.