From the start, when we first saw the works left in Jenny’s studio, we had wanted to see them on show in a way which did justice to them. Jenny’s last works were paper constructions, mostly white, framed in glass boxes, and fragile and improbable mobiles made with paper, wire, mesh and found objects. They represented a lifetime fascination with the connection between the innermost structures of objects and their outward appearance, a connection Jenny felt but could articulate only in her art.

After our first forays in putting a small number of works on show in out of town galleries we understood that any exhibition was going to have to overcome the practical challenge of displaying mostly white works. Any gallery needed to manage the challenge of displaying an artist whose work had not been on show in London for 20 years. The solution devised by jaggedart was to ask five ceramicists to offer works which spoke to Jenny’s ouevre. The result was a triumph: Jenny’s works hanging from walls and ceiling, being mostly white, and ceramics, mostly colourful, on shelves below the works.

The five were Maria Wojdat, Lara Scobie, Alison Gautry, Valéria Nascimento and Tina Vlassopulous. The resonance between Jenny’s works and these is striking as well as beautiful: Jenny’s square circle triangle and squares and lines series with Maria Wodjat’s colourful circles and angled vessels; Lara Scobie’s tilted vessels echoing the flowerpots above them; Valéria Nascimento’s 60 cm circular wall piece perfectly placed between ‘Wave’ and ‘Big Bang’, the curves or waves on Alison Gautry’s Passmore series juxtaposed with ‘Spiral 3’ and ‘Wave’ and her tiny pots under Jenny’s semi invisible pots; the myriad life forms in Tina Vlassoplous’s Innuendo series illustrating life’s endless variety under Jenny’s mobile of basic forms (Square, Circle Triangle).

(R) Tina Vlassopulos Installation Innuendo (detail) ; Jenny McNulty: Untitled mobile; (L) Maria Wojdat: Wall dots between Colour Grid No 5 (Sunrise) and Paper Relief No 14, 2005

(L) Maria Wojdat: Angled Vesselsl Jenny McNulty Spectrum, 2008 (R) Lara Scobie: Tilted Linear Vessel, Tilted Diagonal Striped Vessel, Tilted Striped Vessel; Jenny McNulty: untitled (flowerpots) 2015,

(L) Alison Gautry: 2 porcelain vessels, from Cloud Series and 4 porcelain vessels on porcelain plinths from Pasmore series,(under Jenny McNulty Untitled Mobile (9 Pots), Still Life No 3, 2003, and Still Life Gris, 2010); (R) Valéria Nascimento Porcelain wall piece Coral, (between Spiral 3 2009 and The Big Bang, 2011)

Some of these artists were at the Preview, where I am ashamed to say I was so enchanted with the hang and to meet old friends of Jenny’s that I missed the opportunity to talk to them. On subsequent visits I had the opportunity to appreciate how relevant their works were to Jenny’s and how apt was the title of the exhibition, ‘Ahead of her time’.

The sixth wonderful artist was Andrea Harari, Gallery partner and deviser of an exhibition which was an art installation in its own right. You can get some idea of it by clicking on the Gallery Window on this page and then following the right hand arrows round in a mini tour.

It’s rare for me to think anything couldn’t have been better, but this is the novel sensation I now have. I feel we have now done what we thought we must do. There are other parts of Jenny’s legacy which I feel should be more widely known: prints, drawings, oils, carnival works. But I am taking time to think about what, if anything, an Art Executor should do next. It is a luxury to think not what we have to do but what should be done, or, even better, what we might want to do. For that we have these other wonderful artists to thank, for creating an exhibition which was a true homage.